Feel Better. Find Balance. Lose Weight. Avoid Antidepressants

If You’re in Mid-Life & Beyond, Then You’ve Found The Right Place…

Healthy eating

Top geneticists tell us that genes aren’t killing us, but lifestyle and poor eating are.

At Optimal You, we guide you through the foundational principles of healthy eating and it’s relation to hormone optimization, so you don’t have to guess at it.

Hormone balance

Hormone imbalances affect every single person over 40.

At Optimal You, we fully understand that the cornerstone of preventive aging medicine is hormone optimization. Note, I did not say normalization. One way, you feel like crap. The other way, you feel brand new.


Research shows the best pathway to wellness is prevention of disease in the first place.

At Optimal You, we utilize research-based methods to assure that you receive the greatest treatment options available in the field of preventive aging medicine.

Weight loss

This is likely the number one reason people come to us aside from wanting to feel better.

At Optimal You, founder, Dr. Brian Brown, understands this struggle. He used to be 390 pounds but conqured it & now helps others do the same.