When it comes to healthy living, most people are aware that sugar and starches need to be limited. But, most people don’t know why. When you eat foods that are starchy or contain sugar, your body interprets them all as pure sugar. Your body doesn’t know the difference between a tablespoon of sugar, a piece of bread, or mashed potatoes.

While sugar is necessary for survival, the best source of sugar comes from fruits and vegetables. I tell patients all the time to think of themselves as scavengers. Ask yourself, what am I most likely to find if I’m stranded in a tropical wilderness? Odds dictate that you are more likely to find cruciferous vegetables, nuts, and berries while scavenging. For now, we will stick to fruit.

In nature, berries are most plentiful and tree fruit is seasonal; thus, tree fruit naturally has limited availability. Because of modern-day-mass-production of these delectable foods, we no longer have to scavenge. We simply go to the local market and purchase whatever our heart desires. This can be both good & bad – good in the sense that we have access to healthier options, but bad in the sense that unlimited access to seasonal fruits, such as those that come from trees, can lead us to unhealthy imbalances.

Remember this little clue. Any fruit that ends in “berry” is better for you: strawberry, blueberry, blackberry, & raspberry. These have the lowest sugar content of all fruits, are filling, high in fiber, low in sugar, and high in antioxidants. If you have a choice, choose berries over tree fruit. If you must eat tree fruit, stick to apples. Enjoy these healthier options and enjoy a healthier life.

To Your Health,

Brian Brown